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Smart ways to block the rays.

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Skin Cancer Brochure

This brochure offers tips on ways to protect your skin and how to recognize dangerous moles.

Download PPTEnglish Available for order here
Sun Smart brochure cover

Educational materials available for download

Download the materials below to help educate children, families, and employees on skin cancer and ways to be sun-smart.

  • Powerpoint Lesson

    Powerpoint Lesson

    The PowerPoint lesson is full of fun facts, trivia, and notes to inform students of the dangers that sun exposure poses to their health.

  • Sun-Smart Activities

    Sun-Smart Activities

    Additional activities, such as a word find and some outdoor measurement techniques, can be downloaded and used to reinforce the Sun-Smart program.

  • Trivia Questions

    Trivia Questions

    We offer a full list of trivia questions pertaining to sun safety, facts about Delaware, protecting kids, and skin cancer. These trivia questions are great for all ages as a supplemental activity to increase and reinforce the importance of sun-safe behaviors.

  • Minions Video

    Minions Video

    The video demonstrates proper techniques for protecting oneself from the sun’s harmful rays. In order for the video to play, please be sure to download it from our site at the same time you download the PowerPoint lesson.

  • Parent Email/Letter for Campers

    Parent Email/Letter for Campers

    This letter includes the survey as well as facts about the importance of sun safety for children. It should be sent to parents either by email or as a hard copy a few days prior to the counselor’s presentation of the program to their campers.